Unite and orchestrate customer journeys through a centralized platform

  • Combine individual interactions across channels and touchpoints
  • Increase customer engagement by delivering relevant information and offers at each step
  • Build long-term brand trust by orchestrating journeys tailored to individual needs

Build a robust data foundation to understand and protect your customers

  • Unify data from multiple systems to identify, understand, and engage with customers in accordance with the right data usage policies
  • Create a holistic understanding of your customers with a customer data platform
  • Sharpen your analytics by breaking down silos between data sources and channels
  • Deliver highly personal and consistent experiences on the fly with event-driven communications

Leverage automation and predictive analytics to improve journeys over time

  • Identify patterns and act proactively by leveraging predictive analytics
  • Automatically re-segment audiences and trigger communications based on 360-degree customer views
  • Deliver the next best experience with machine learning capabilities

Achieve customer experience excellence

Cognizant Netcentric is the end-to-end digital partner that transforms brand experiences into next generation customer engagement by leveraging the Adobe Experience Cloud.