A content management platform to streamline your operations

Streamline the management of millions of assets across channels and markets with a cloud-native content management platform.

  • Increase customer engagement through personalization
  • Reduce time-to-market for new experiences
  • Tap into new markets and reach new audiences

Streamlined asset management for consistency and speed

Leverage automation, AI, and integrations to unlock a new level of efficiency in managing and creating new assets. 

  • Democratize asset management for better efficiency and workflows
  • Speed up asset creation and extend their life cycle
  • Strenghten your brand consistency and integrity

Marketing workflows that work for your team

Customize a toolbox that works for your organization in levelling up internal operations and reducing friction between teams.

  • Streamline content creation and delivery
  • Invest in training and workflows to optimize cross-team collaboration
  • Develop a cultural mindset that adopts agility and integration across silos

Platform governance for sustained performance

Keep your content platform running at 100% by creating a robust framework to maintain efficient marketing operations and development efforts and cultivate a consistent end-user experience. 

  • Establish consistency between subsidiary marketers and multiple regions
  • Ensure smooth transitions and changes with a centralized framework 
  • Master demand management to avoid duplications and comg implementations

Personalized search experiences

Harness data to guide your customers to the content relevant to them with an optimized, intelligent search experience. 

  • Meet your customers where they are
  • Lean into mobile-first and smart search features to deliver excellent search experience

Go global and go personal at the same time

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