Business Purpose

Empower brands to create true customer experiences by leveraging the Adobe Experience Cloud.

What we do

Cognizant Netcentric builds scalable Adobe Experience Cloud solutions that deliver business-critical digital experiences, helping brands engage with their customers.


Leading the world’s greatest brands to transform customer experience. 


To be the number one Adobe Experience Cloud partner

Portfolio & Offering

Flexible and adaptable to organization’s needs, our unique approach harnesses 4 foundational offerings to empower brands in developing next-generation customer engagement: content at scale, customer journey at scale, experience-driven commerce, and journey insights and data activation. With this in place, brands achieve customer experience excellence and have the capabilities to succeed in the digital era. Our clients bring their vision, and we bring the expertise to transform that vision into reality. 

Cognizant Netcentric

Our wordmark is the official logo. Any public, official materials associated with the company – whether in online or offline – must include the Cognizant Netcentric wordmark.
Main Logo
Logo Color Options
Use the positive version on light or white backgrounds. The full-color reverse logo may be used on dark color backgrounds, as well as dark areas within photographs.


Safe Zones
Main logo: Leave at least 1 x-height buffer around the wordmark
Icon: Leave at least x/2-height buffer around the wordmark 


The brand symbol is a threedimensional cube that represents their ability as a technology partner to view complex problems from various angles and deliver effective solutions. The perfect circles in the wordmark’s letters convey warmth and humanity that are integral to intuition. All lowercase, the wordmark reminds you that “cognizant” is a real word that means awareness and understanding.
Things to keep in mind
  • Whenever possible, use the full color horizontal logo, shown here
  • Don’t modify the logo
  • Respect the logo’s clear space
  • Don’t create your own logos
  • Midnight Blue #000048
Note: Always use the ® unless the logo is so small it would be unreadable.


Partner badges
Adobe logos






Dark Plum


C92 M86 YO K2
R46 G48 B142

Medium Plum


C63 M54 YO KO
R115 G115 B216

Dark Blue


C89 M40 YO KO
R47 G120 B196

Dark Teal


C80 MO Y30 KO

R6 G199 B204


Dark Gray


C63 M52 Y44 K33

R83 G86 B90


Highlight Yellow


C7 M14 Y99 KO

R233 G199 B29




C0 M0 Y0 K0

R255 G255 B255


Light Plum


C50 M34 YO KO

R133 G160 B249


Medium Blue


C61 M24 YO KO

R106 G162 B220


Medium Teal


C60 MO Y16 KO

R38 G239 B233


Medium Gray


C38 M29 Y24 K5

R151 G153 B155


Highlight Red


C10 M97 Y93 K8

R184 G31 B45


Light Blue


C45 M13 YO KO

R146 G187 B230


Light teal


C39 MO Y9 KO

R151 G245 B247


Light Gray


C14 M10 Y8 KO

R208 G208 B206


Yellow --> Blue
Teal --> Midnight Blue
Highlight Red --> Dark Plum





1234567890 (.,;:?!@#$%^&*-)

Arial is our everyday font and should be used for everyday communications and when designing in desktop applications like Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Arial is made up of two weights, each with an italic version: Regular and Bold. The default weight to use is Arial Regular.


Gellix is our brand font and should be primarily used by designers.

Guidelines for using the fonds

  1. Use only indicated weights
  2. Gellix is primarily for designers. Arial is for everyday
  3. Left-align headlines and copy
  4. Always use sentence case
  5. Avoid all cap




Photography Guidelines

Images are just as important as words and colours in conveying our brand personality and bringing it to life. 
The way we choose, create, and use images should reflect our brand, support our key messages and values, and help us tell our
story. As a basic rule our images should be innovative and bespoke.

Please contact marketing@netcentic.biz for images.
Or see Netcentric Google Imagery Albums.Opens in a new window.


What makes a good photo?

  • Use images that are relevant to the article or content it's related to
  • Use images that show diversity (different age groups, different ethnic backgrounds)
  • Imagery should relate directly to positive nature of Cognizant Netcentric and reflect: bespoke, innovative, respected, empower
  • Choose depth and strong colors
  • Use dark plum / purple where possible
  • Clear and bright images only

What to avoid

  • Don’t use images or photos just for decorative purposes. Imagery should support the message, not compete with it.

  • If you show people in your creative piece, be sure it’s in a realistic setting and not “staged” or overly posed

  • No retro-style images, not blurry or flat

Social Media

Please use those profile covers for your LinkedIn profile


Brand Application

All are responsible for templates in their respective pathways

Business Cards



  • Employees in your pathway or job function may be using templates specific to their needs e.g. invoices, legal documents etc.
  • Please make sure that the logos are accurate
  • Please also make sure that the template you use adheres to corporate identity guidelines e.g. the font must be Arial. 
  • If you need support, reach out to marketing@netcentric.biz
Cognizant Netcentric letter template
DownloadOpens in a new window.
Cognizant Netcentric simple
DownloadOpens in a new window.

Email Signature

  • Adress line and gender pronouns optional
  • Standard text in black, links (email, website, social media) in dark plum without underline
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About us

Cognizant Netcentric is the end-to-end digital partner that transforms brand experiences into next generation customer engagement. We empower the world’s leading brands to connect with their customers at scale and succeed in the digital era by leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud and other cutting-edge technologies. We do this by enabling content at scale, customer journeys at scale, experience-driven commerce, and journey insights and data activation so that our clients achieve customer experience excellence. 


We work with brands at any stage of their experience journey - from digital strategy to experience design to solutions development through to operational enablement and support. Taking an agile approach to developing adaptable and scalable solutions, our clients are able to consistently deliver personalized customer experiences at scale. 


As Cognizant’s Adobe Center of Excellence, we have a decade-long track record of pioneering experience solutions. We’ve developed a proven, standardized approach that transforms our clients’ organizations by enabling capabilities, and unlocking operational agility and efficiency. Our clients bring their vision, and we bring the expertise to transform that vision into reality.

Market Story

Experience has never been more important for businesses. Technology has accelerated the transformation that most industries are going through; if it’s not disruption, it’s a greenfield challenger. Customers and consumers are savvier than ever, with greater expectations that are prompting brands to step up to deliver the experiences they’re looking for. 


The digital era isn’t just about challenges, however. It also holds opportunities. 


Brands that move early and quickly are accessing opportunities to make their mark on the industry and in customers’ lives. The right strategy, technologies, and operational enablement give brands the ability to orchestrate journeys and transform their digital businesses at scale. 


Our powerful approach combines data and insights, experience-driven commerce, and content and customer journeys at scale. This is the key to unlocking the next level of capabilities for organizations to thrive and lead their market. From the personalization of customer experiences, to leading the customer along each step of their journey, to accessing insights that allow brands to capitalize on emerging trends; this is next generation customer engagement. 


Harness data and insights at scale to create holistic views of customers and audience segments. Like this, brands can create personalized content experiences that will delight customers at every point in their journey. 


Orchestrating those experiences across the omnichannel journey will move your brand beyond discrete touchpoints and enable you to leverage the benefits of experience-driven commerce. 


Tying all this together, we can help teams manage, organize, and visualize data that delivers the insights to enable personalization and management of customer journeys at scale and the optimization of the commerce experiences that delight customers. This is where organizations can tap into trends, behavioral changes, consumer and market insights before their competitors.